About diDNA

Our Company

Built on decades of experience in web technologies with a team of innovators with roots in multimedia and publishing, diDNA is a company with a passion for driving publishing technology forward.

Our “DNA” is Digital Information and we understand that in order to make complex digital problems easier to solve, as is the case with programmatic advertising, we needed to build a company that innovates and delivers best in class tools and support to a misunderstood industry.


We believe in content creators, and that they should be prioritized and supported to continue to do what they love and contribute to an open internet with important information and entertainment. To further publisher innovation and ease their ad operations, we provide automated tools and optimization technology to deliver increased advertising revenue and security.


We are passionate about making our Publisher Partners’ lives easier.

The world of digital programmatic advertising is complicated and even downright messy.

It is our goal and commitment to make the lives of those who provide the internet with content easier whether big or small, well-known or niche.

The ad technology industry stacks the deck in the favor of the advertisers and ad exchanges. Tools for running comprehensive ad revenue reports are almost non-existant — leaving publishers last in line after DSPs, SSPs, Ad networks, and ad exchanges take larger pieces of the ad earnings. We started diDNA to help publishers force ad exchanges to be more competitive, to help publishers compete with other publishers for premium rpm, and to ensure all ad inventory is filled with the highest paying ads.

– Deke Hooper, Founder. diDNA